Anthony Raimondi Video Reel

Edited by Anthony Raimondi

Class Combo from Private Collection
Choreography by Anthony Raimondi
"River of Tears" - Alessia Cara

Fools Variation
Excerpt from Carmina Burana

Directed by James Clouser

Choreography by James Clouser

Danced by Anthony Raimondi

Sybarite "Love is Love"

Highline Ballroom NYC

Choreography by KC Castellano

Choreography from West Side Story at the Ogunquit Playhouse


Filmed in Central Park, NYC

Choreography by Jeffry Denman


West Side Story


Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Directed by Jim Helsinger 

Choreographed by Anthony Raimondi


Class Combo from Groove Nationals
Choreography by Anthony Raimondi
"My Heart Goes Boom" - Miss Li

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